*24th May 2018, presentation on Tory party members at Conservative Campaign Head Quarter (CCHQ)
Speaker: Tim Bale

*13th March 2018, presentation on Lib Dem members at Lib Dem HQ
Speaker: Paul Webb, Tim Bale and Monica Poletti

*6th March 2018, h.12:00-14:00, Women at the Grassroots, Social Market Foundation
Speaker: Monica Poletti (PMP data), together with 4 MPs: Nicky Morgan (Tories), Jess Phillips (Labour), Jo Swinson (Lib Dem), Kirsty Blackman (SNP)

*6th February 2018, h.12:30-13:30, Crisis and Reinvention: The State of the Left,
Mile End Institute
Speaker: Monica Poletti, Andrew Hindmoor, Patrick Diamond

*29th January 2018, h. 14:00-17:00, University of Sheffield/Green Party membership workshop
Speaker (among others): Monica Poletti, Paul Webb, Kate Dommett

*24th October 2017, h.12.00-14.00, Institute for Government – Political Studies Association:
Election campaigning laid bare: new research on the nature and impact of election campaigns
Speaker: Paul Webb (PMP data), Justin Fisher, Cees van der Eijk, Annemarie Walter

*9th October 2017, h. 18:30-20:00, British Academy – The Conversation:
Youthquake 2017! Can young voters transform the UK’s political landscape?
Speaker: Monica Poletti (PMP data), Paul Whiteley, Sharon Coen and Benjamin Bowman



*3rd October 2017, h.10:30am-12:00pm, TRG.
Building a winning coalition, campaigning to win #CPC17

Speaker: Tim Bale

*7th September 2017, h. 12:30, Social Market Foundation (SMF) 2017.
Ask the expert seminar: ‘Conservative party members in 2017: who are they and what do they want?
Speaker: Monica Poletti (PMP data)

Related HuffPost blog post – presentation slidesSMF blog post

*16th February 2017, Party Members in the UK: Some Initial Findings, Exeter University
Speaker: Tim Bale

*11th November 2016, The Representative Audit of Britain Project workshop, Birbeck University of London, UK: Candidate selection: a view from the grassroots.
Speaker: Tim Bale, Monica Poletti and Paul Webb.
[presented also at SPIR seminar, Queen Mary University of London, 23rd November 2016]

*4th November 2016, Party Leadership and Intra-Party Politics, University of Sussex, Falmer, UK. What do grassroots members do for their parties during election campaigns – and why do they do it? Explaining the activism of British party members in the general election of 2015
Speaker: Paul Webb, Monica Poletti and Tim Bale

*26th October 2016, h.18:00-20:30, Launch of the Political Studies Association – Early Career Network (ECN), Houses of Parliament, London, UK. Politics in Interesting Times, findings from the ESRC Party Members Project in the UK.
Keynote speaker: Monica Poletti
Venue: Palace of Westminster, London SW1A 2PW

*12-23 September 2016, ECPR – 26th PhD Summer School in Political Parties, Political Parties in Times of Crisis, University of Notthingham, UK (programme).  Assessing Party Organizational Change: Participation, Representation and Power.
Speaker: Paul Webb

*6th September 2016, h. 13:00, Social Market Foundation (SMF) 2016. Ask the expert seminar: ‘Revolting peasants?’ Labour’s changing membership: who they are and what they want.
Speaker: Tim Bale.
presentation slidesreport of seminar

*7th July 2016, h. 13:15- 15:15, Electoral Reform Society-McDougall Trust. Why do people join political parties today, and what do they do for them?
Speakers: Tim Bale, Paul Webb
Chair: Michael Steed McDougall Trust
Venue: Robert Runcie Room (basement level), Church House Conference Centre, Dean’s Yard, Westminster, London SW1P 3NZ

About the topic The talk will review the data the speakers have been gathering, and report a range of key findings about those who join political parties, their reasons for doing so, and the political activities they undertake.  The speakers hope to add a few thoughts on why people do not join parties as well.

*27th April 2016, University of Sussex, Falmer, UK: “So who really does the donkey work? Comparing the election campaign activity of party members and party supporters“. Speakers: Paul Webb and Monica Poletti.

*25th November 2015, University of Sussex, Falmer, UK: “The report of my death was an exaggeration”. Party membership in 21st century Britain
Speaker: Tim Bale


*16th January 2018, House of Commons Library: Membership of UK political parties (pdf)

*4th January 2018, Pamphlet with main project findings distributed to all MPs
By Tim Bale, Paul Webb and Monica Poletti
Grassroots – Britain’s party members: who they are, what they think and what they do

*December 2017, Committee on standards in public life: Intimidation in public life, a review by the Committee on standards in public life

*17th October 2017, Committee on standards in public life: Intimidation of Parliamentary candidates: roundtable transcript
Speaker: Tim Bale (pdf)

*13th October 2016: Anti-semitism in the UK. Tenth report of session 2016-2017, House of Commons – Home Affair Committee (pdf)

* June 2016: Chakrabarti Inquiry on anti-semitism in the Labour Party. By Shami Chakrabarti (our contribution to the inquiry here)

* 2016: Centre for English Identity and Politics at the University of Winchester:
Labour’s identity crisis: England and the Politics of Patriotism – Edited by Tristram Hunt MP


*4-6th October 2015, Conservative Annual Conference, Manchester, UK. Policy Exchange fringe event.

*27-30th September 2015, Labour Annual Conference, Brighton, UK. Centre Forum fringe event.


*24-26th September 2015, UKIP Annual Conference, Doncaster, UK.

*19th-23rd September 2015, Liberal Democrats Annual Conference, Bornemouth, UK.