Data: Labour Members

Constituency Party

26th July 2016, Labour List: 500 Labour councillors: Why we are backing Owen Smith to continue the fight against austerity

20th July 2016, The Guardian: Where Labour is headed: read the constituency party responses

30th June 2016, The Independent: Jeremy Corbyn ‘would receive backing’ from majority of constituency Labour party chiefs

Qualitative data:

28th September 2017, Labour List: Talent from Corbyn to Chuka: why I left the Greens to join Labour

23rd January 2017, Liberal Democrat Expand blog: Spot the difference: Martin’s experience as a new member

26th September 2016, City AM: Moderate Labour is dead: A new party is the only way to fill the vacuum in British politics

25th September 2016, Huffington Post: Labour under Corbyn is not the Labour I joined – I’ve submitted by resignation

24th September 2016, The Views from The Creek blog: On leaving Labour

24th September 2016, Twitter: #GoodbyeLabour

24th September 2016, After Labour blog: Why I am resigning as a Labour Party member

22nd September 2016, Waiting for Godot blog: A footnote

7th September 2016, All that is Solid…blog: Why I voted for Jeremy Corbyn

5th August 2016, Twitter:

28th July 2016,  Twitter: Replies to these tweets

21st July 2016, Novara Media: Democracy suspended: What really happened at the Brighton Labour AGM?

21st July 2016, The Guardian: Meet the 180,000: why we paid £25 to vote for the next Labour leader

July 2016, The Guardian: Part 6 – Labour & Liverpool: how to make party meetings more welcomingTheGuardian_LabourMemberLetter

July 2016, The Guardian: Part 5 – Labour readership: readers put case pro and against Corbyn
July 2016, The Guardian: Part 4 – Angela Eagle: anger stirs in her Wallasey constituency
July 2016, The Guardian: Part 3 – Momentum and Liverpool: Is Labour heading for a split?
July 2016, The Guardian: Part 2 – Labour & Liverpool: ‘the project is off to a good start’
July 2016, The Guardian: Part 1 – Labour & Liverpool with Ewen MacAskill

17th July 2016, The Guardian: Shameful treatment of Jeremy Corbyn and shades of deja vu

14th July 2016, The Guardian: Labour grassroots rebel against NEC restrictions on leadership contest

8th July 2016, No longer welcome in my own [Labour] home

6th July 2016, Morning Star: Labour’s party machinery is holding back growth

3rd July 2016, Twitter from Heidi Alexander MP Email from party member who attended her first CLP meeting on Friday.

30th June 2016, Newstatesman: Should Jeremy Corbyn go? Two Labour party members take different views

16th April 2016, The Guardian: Inside Momentum: ‘The idea that we’re all rulebook-thumping Trotskyites is silly’

8th April 2016, Labour List: Top Momentum activists: we are not a “fan club” for Labour

27th January 2016, Labour List: Why I knock doors for Labour (and you should too)

13th January 2016, The Guardian: Why I joined: ‘I believe in the NHS, the welfare state and Labour values’

Polls Data: Labour Members and Supporters

31st March 2018, UK Polling Report: YouGov polling of Labour members (data: pdf)

29th September 2017, UK Polling Report: YouGov poll of Tory party members (data: pdf)

21st September 2017, Ipsos Mori: Jeremy Corbyn’s leader image ratings improve since last conference season, Theresa May’s get worse

18th September 2017, The Guardian: Labour conference: most grassroots delegates support Corbyn, poll finds

13th September 2017, You Gov: Why the Labour centrists stand a better chance in Scotland

9th June 2017, Runnymede: Labour gets two-thirds of BME vote

19th Match 2017, You Gov: Jeremy Corbyn may have secured his leadership, but his party remains as divided as ever (raw data in pdf – Part 1, Part 2)

5th March 2017, Election Data: Labour membership poll 2017 (raw data in excel)

24th September 2016, YouGov: Labour leadership election: members’ vote breakdown (pdf)

Exit poll-01.png

23rd September 2016, Election Data: Labour leadership exit poll

YouGov: About people who like Jeremy Corbyn (Profiles LITE) – Data Method

2nd September, YouGov: Eight more things we’ve learned from our Labour leadership election survey

30th August, YouGov: Labour leadership election: Corbyn leads Smith by 24 points (pdf)

19th August 2016, YouGov: The leadership effect – how leaders can shift perceptions of parties

20th July 2016, The Guardian: Labour supporters have cooled on Corbyn, Guardian surveys finds

19th July 2016, YouGov: Jeremy Corbyn support rises among party members (pdf)

19th July 2016, The Times: Corbyn defies his critics with boost in grassroot support


11th July 2016, Election Data: Poll of trade union members – Ian Warren

1st July 2016, YouGov: Corbyn loses support among Labour party membership (pdf)

17th Ma 2016, Labour List: Corbyn in strongest position yet as members believe he is headed for Downing Street (see You Gov – The Times poll data)

2th March 2016, Election Data – III: The DNA of the Labour party membership

23rd February 2016, Election Data – II: The party and its leader

22th February 2016, Election Data – I: A party membership in tune with its leader…for better, for worse?

24th November 2015, You Gov: Corbynistas stay loyal, but few others share their view (see The Times poll data)

25th September 2015, You Gov: The gap between Corbyn’s support voters and Labour’s target voters (see poll data)

15th September 2015, Number Cruncher Politics: Analysis of Corbyn’s victory – You Gov Labour leadership survey results

15th September 2015, You Gov: An anatomy of Corbyn’s victory


10th August 2015, You Gov: Corbyn extends his lead (see poll data)

22nd July 2015, You Gov: Corbyn takes early lead in Labour leadership race (see poll data)