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25th August 2016

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23rd August 2016

23rd August 2016

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11th July 2016, The Guardian: Theresa May says she will make success of Brexit as Prime Minister – as it happened


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27th April 2016, New Statesman: Heidi Alexander’s lukewarm response to the junior doctors’ strike shows she doesn’t understand Labour members

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24th April 2016, Voting and Boating blog: The difference we make…

23rd April 2016, The Times: New-look Ukip threatens Cameron’s legacy; 
By rebranding itself as a movement, not a party, Ukip would become a virus that could destroy moderate Conservatism (pdf)

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26th February 2016, The Telegraph: Boris Johnson pulls ahead of George Osborne among grassroots Conservatives
[see also 2 August 2013, The Telegraph: Gove or May as Tory leader? No, Boris is still the grassroots’ favourite – and by a country mile by Tim Bale & Paul Webb ]

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21th February 2016, The Guardian: Revealed: how Tory grassroots split over EU could see party implode

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12th February 2016, Conservative Home: Five tests for the Feldman Review

12th February 2016, The Telegraph: David Cameron warned he risks destroying Tory party if he ignores grassroots ahead of EU referendum

8-11th February 2016, Conservative Home:
Ideas for Party Reform 1) Elect the Chairman of the Board
Ideas for Party Reform 2) Ring-fence spending for the longer-term
Ideas for Party Reform 3) Party conference: lower-costs, more debate
Ideas for Party Reform 4) Reforming candidate selection

10th February 2016, The Telegraph: Conservative MPs should listen to the EU concerns of grassroots activists, says Nick Herbert

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27th January 2016, Mark Pack blog: Good news on letting new members vote in party selections

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23rd January 2016, The Times: Labour is the new hobby for the idle rich (pdf)

22nd January 2016, The Guardian: Plans to give Labour’s NEC more say over policy attacked as ‘political and divisive’

22nd January 2016, The Telegraph: Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party is posher than Tony Blair’s

21th January 2016, The Guardian: Disproportionate number of Labour’s new members are wealthy city dwellers

20th January 2016, Opposition Studies: Sir Lynton Crosby Lecture
[“every member of a political party is one of God’s children. People who join and are active in political parties, and give their time, effort and money should be acknowledged, respected and thanked for what they do (…), but having said that, a political party that wants to be elected and governed consistently cannot do so simply in the image of its own members”] (35:28)

20th January 2016, LSE British Politics and Policy blog: Labour’s “three-quid voters”: the challenges and opportunities of opening up the party

15th January 2016, Conservative Home: Corbyn’s critics are starting to hit at the hard left’s most sensitive spot – its poshness

14th January 2016, The Times: Blue-rinse brigade is going to pick next PM

13th January 2016, Mark Pack blog: What do the academics say? Delivering lots of leaflets works

13th January 2016, New Statesman: If it wants to be a force for radical change, Labour must face up to why it lost

12th January 2016, Labour List: It feels like there are two Labour Parties – but not in the way you think

10th January 2016, The Guardian: Labour expecting £6m loss in funding through trade union bill

10th January 2016, The Guardian: Labour division reopen over plans to drop support for Trident (new “consultative process”: ballot for Labour party members)

2nd January 2016, Conservative Home: Can Cameron honour his pledge to reselect every Tory MP?