Data: Tory Members

Conservative Associations

15th February 2017, Conservative Home: Andrew Kennedy: The decline and fall of a Conservative Association

16th February 2017, Conservative Home: In Copeland, the campaign is exposing problems with the Tory ground operation

Qualitative Data

6th February 2016, The Telegraph: Letter: Conservative Party members want the opportunity for a balanced EU debate

Polls Data: Tory Members

2nd October 2017, Conservative Home: He’s back! From his lowest total ever, Johnson springs to the top of our Next Tory Leader survey

29th September 2017, The Times: Boris Johnson tops polls of Tories as favourite to succeed Theresa May

15th September 2017, i-news: I worked in Downing Street and this is how the Tories can help the young

23rd July 2017, Conservative Home: Next Tory leader. Davis leads our survey – but is outscored by ‘none of the above’.

19th July 2017, Conservative Home: Improving the ConHome monthly survey

11th June 2017, Waiting for Godot: How to choose the next Prime Minister – and influence Brexit

3rd June 2017, Conservative Home: Our survey. Party members are unenthused by ‘the good that government can do’

30th April 2017, Conservative Home: Our survey. Party members say: take students out of the immigration figures

17th April 2017: Conservative Home: Our survey. Three in four party members prefer no deal to what they would see as a bad deal

16th April 2017: Conservative Home: John Strafford: My proposal to change the party’s constitution for the better

15th March 2017, Conservative Home: Andrew Kennedy: How an Association turned from a loser into a winner

2nd March 2017, Conservative Home: Scotland, independence – and our survey finding. Are Conservative Party members just about Unionist?

1st March 2017, Conservative Home: Andrew Kennedy: Our findings on whether the mass of new Party members who joined post-referendum will renew

19th August 2016, YouGov: The leadership effect – how leaders can shift perceptions of parties
























18th July 2016, Conservative Home: Andrew Kennedy: The remarkable story of a post-referendum surge in Conservative members – the most intense I can remember


5th July 2016, YouGov-The Times: Theresa May ahead of Leadsom in Conservative leadership race (pdf)



4th July 2016, Conservative Home: Our special Next Party Leader survey result. It’s a two-horse race. Activists want Leadsom v May in the final


29th June 2016, Conservative Home: Our Next Tory Leader survey finds May leading Johnson by just ten votes in well over a thousand


29th June 2016, YouGov: Theresa May storms ahead of Boris among Tory Party membership (pdf)


2nd March 2016, Red Box – The Times: Brexit boosts Boris as Osborne declines (pdf)














11th February 2016, Conservative Home: Fox tops our next leader poll – but with the joint lowest frontrunner share on record