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April 2018, House of Commons Library: Membership of UK political parties (full report)

January 2018, House of Commons Library: Membership of UK political parties (full report)

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August 2016, House of Commons Library: Membership of UK political parties (full report)



9th April 2018, Labour List: WATCH: Momentum celebrates hitting 40,000 members

3th April 2018, Huffington Post: Nearly 1,000 people have joined Labour since anti-semitism protests in Parliament square, leaked figures show

2nd April 2018, The Times: Labour loses 17,000 members amid angers at antisemitism (pdf)

30th January 2018, Daily Mail: Labour membership falls by more than 4,200 in a week – but still stands at 552,000


18th July 2017


13th June 2017, Huffington Post: Labour Party membership soars by 35,000 in just four days – after ‘Corbyn surge’ in 2017 General Election

28th March 2017, The Times: Trickle becomes flood as another 10,000 members quit Labour (pdf)

21st March 2017, The Guardian: Labour membership expected to fall below half a million

3rd March 2017, Politics Home: EXCL Labour membership falls by more than 5,000 in just one week over Jeremy Corbyn and Brexit

3rd March 2017, Guardian: Labour party has lost nearly 26,000 members since mid-2016, report claims and Times: Thousands of Labour members quit over Corbyn leadership

3rd February 2017, Politics Home: Election blow for Labour as thousands leave party in wake of Brexit row


21st August 2016, Paul Canning blog: Labour isn’t Europe’s biggest party

20th July 2016, Huffington Post: More than 180,000 sign up as ‘Registered Supporters’ to vote in Labour leadership election

20th July 2016, BBC: Labour leadership: more than 180,000 people register in 48 hours

6th July 2016, NewStatesman: Labour membership to hit 600,000

7th July 2016, Huffington Post: Jeremy Corbyn attracts ‘huge surge’ in 100,000 new Labour Party members

5th July 2016, Huffington Post: Labour Party Membership Applications Surge 100,000 Since EU Referendum

6th April 2016, Labour List: Momentum in new plea for new activists as it launches membership scheme

28th February 2016, The Sunday Times: Trident row as Labour hit by fall on members (pdf)

13th January 2016,  Labour List: More than half of Labour’s members have joined since the election

13th January 2016, The Guardian: Revealed: How Jeremy Corbyn has reshaped the Labour party

11th January 2016, New Statesman: Momentum has defied the odds and will continue to grow

4th January 2016, Labour List: Our membership is too narrow. Unless we reach out, extending party democracy means nothing


8th December 2015, Twitter @jameskirkup: For what it’s worth, the official unofficial # for Con members is 156k

8th October 2015, The Independent: More people have joined Labour since the election than are in the entire Conservative party

23rd September 2015, Labour List: Putting Labour’s 50,000 new members in perspective

20th September 2015, Financial Times: Surge in membership set to hand Labour a £4m financial lifeline

17th September 2015, Twitter @tom_watson: We’ve gained 40,000 new members since Saturday. Why not work with @jeremycorbyn and me shape a new kind of politics

15th September 2015, LSE British Politics and Policy blog: Trade union members did not shape the Labour leadership result as much as in past elections



5th January 2018, BBC, Tories must come clean on membership figures – ex-chairman


30th September 2017, Conservative Home: Conservative party membership is ‘down by a quarter’. Will it drop below 100,000 next year?

29th September 2017, Tribune: Tory membership slump puts party in crisis


28th August 2016, Conservative Home: An opportunity for McLoughlin to welcome 50,000 new party members

28th August 2016, The Times: ‘May mania’ surge in Tory members

27th July 2016, The Times: Recruits are on the march to Mrs May’s Tories (pdf)

18th July 2016, Conservative Home: Andrew Kennedy: The remarkable story of a post-referendum surge in membership – the most intense I can remember

5th February 2016, Financial Times: Tories to target grass roots to broaden membership (pdf)

1st March 2016, The Telegraph: David Cameron backs down from grassroots cull after outcry from Conservative backbenchers

1st March 2016, The Telegraph: Secret plan to axe 90 per cent of Tory associations which would smooth George Osborne’s coronation as leader

16th January 2016, The Independent: Tories will be boosted by ‘tens of thousands of registered members after completion of party structure review’



29th September 2017, Mark Pack blog, Has Liberal Democrat party membership overtaken the Conservatives?

3rd May 2017, Mark Pack blog, Lib Dem membership hits record high

24th April 2017, Lib Dem website: Liberal Democrats expected to surpass 100,000 members

18th April 2017, The Huffington Post, Lib Dems claim huge membership surge after Theresa May’s Election Announcement

18th April 2017, Independent: Lib Dems gain 1,000 members in just one hour after snap election is announced

30th January 2017, Mark Pack blog: Liberal Democrat membership tops 82,000

20th January 2017, Lib Dem Press Office:


9th October 2016, Mark Pack blog: Liberal Democrat Membership Figures

24th September 2016, The Independent: Labour leadership: Liberal Democrats report increase in new members as Jeremy Corbyn win contest

30th July 2016, Mark Pack blog: Less eye-catching than recruiting new members, Lib-Dems doing really well at keeping older members

6th July, The Independent: Liberal Democrats gain 15,000 new members after Brexit

29th June 2016, BBC News: Brexit, Lib Dems’ 10,000 new members after EU vote

18th February 2016, Mark Pack blog: Lid Dem membership was 61,598 at the end of 2015


19th November 2015, Mark Pack blog: Excellent news: Lib Dem membership incentive scheme rescued

8th October 2015, Mark Pack blog: Hello I’m from Atos and I’m calling about your Lib Dem membership





22nd January 2018, Huffington Post: the Waugh zone – 3. Henry the Sixth, Part One


27th September 2015, Mark Pack blog: Ukip’s membership has fallen 10% since the election



15th January 2015, The Guardian: Green membership surge takes party past Lib Dems and Ukip

15th April 2015, Green Party: Membership of the Green party of England and Wales passes 60,000


26th July 2016, Financial Times: Search is on to reshape centre-left ground in UK politics (pdf)