Membership numbers


August 2016, House of Commons Library: Membership of UK political parties (full report)



21st March 2017, The Guardian: Labour membership expected to fall below half a million

3rd March 2017, Politics Home: EXCL Labour membership falls by more than 5,000 in just one week over Jeremy Corbyn and Brexit

3rd March 2017, Guardian: Labour party has lost nearly 26,000 members since mid-2016, report claims and Times: Thousands of Labour members quit over Corbyn leadership

3rd February 2017, Politics Home: Election blow for Labour as thousands leave party in wake of Brexit row


21st August 2016, Paul Canning blog: Labour isn’t Europe’s biggest party

20th July 2016, Huffington Post: More than 180,000 sign up as ‘Registered Supporters’ to vote in Labour leadership election

20th July 2016, BBC: Labour leadership: more than 180,000 people register in 48 hours

6th July 2016, NewStatesman: Labour membership to hit 600,000

7th July 2016, Huffington Post: Jeremy Corbyn attracts ‘huge surge’ in 100,000 new Labour Party members

5th July 2016, Huffington Post: Labour Party Membership Applications Surge 100,000 Since EU Referendum

6th April 2016, Labour List: Momentum in new plea for new activists as it launches membership scheme

28th February 2016, The Sunday Times: Trident row as Labour hit by fall on members (pdf)

13th January 2016,  Labour List: More than half of Labour’s members have joined since the election

13th January 2016, The Guardian: Revealed: How Jeremy Corbyn has reshaped the Labour party

11th January 2016, New Statesman: Momentum has defied the odds and will continue to grow

4th January 2016, Labour List: Our membership is too narrow. Unless we reach out, extending party democracy means nothing


8th December 2015, Twitter @jameskirkup: For what it’s worth, the official unofficial # for Con members is 156k

8th October 2015, The Independent: More people have joined Labour since the election than are in the entire Conservative party

23rd September 2015, Labour List: Putting Labour’s 50,000 new members in perspective

20th September 2015, Financial Times: Surge in membership set to hand Labour a £4m financial lifeline

17th September 2015, Twitter @tom_watson: We’ve gained 40,000 new members since Saturday. Why not work with @jeremycorbyn and me shape a new kind of politics

15th September 2015, LSE British Politics and Policy blog: Trade union members did not shape the Labour leadership result as much as in past elections



28th August 2016, Conservative Home: An opportunity for McLoughlin to welcome 50,000 new party members

28th August 2016, The Times: ‘May mania’ surge in Tory members

27th July 2016, The Times: Recruits are on the march to Mrs May’s Tories (pdf)

18th July 2016, Conservative Home: Andrew Kennedy: The remarkable story of a post-referendum surge in membership – the most intense I can remember

5th February 2016, Financial Times: Tories to target grass roots to broaden membership (pdf)

1st March 2016, The Telegraph: David Cameron backs down from grassroots cull after outcry from Conservative backbenchers

1st March 2016, The Telegraph: Secret plan to axe 90 per cent of Tory associations which would smooth George Osborne’s coronation as leader

16th January 2016, The Independent: Tories will be boosted by ‘tens of thousands of registered members after completion of party structure review’



30th January 2017, Mark Pack blog: Liberal Democrat membership tops 82,000

20th January 2017, Lib Dem Press Office:


9th October 2016, Mark Pack blog: Liberal Democrat Membership Figures

24th September 2016, The Independent: Labour leadership: Liberal Democrats report increase in new members as Jeremy Corbyn win contest

30th July 2016, Mark Pack blog: Less eye-catching than recruiting new members, Lib-Dems doing really well at keeping older members

6th July, The Independent: Liberal Democrats gain 15,000 new members after Brexit

29th June 2016, BBC News: Brexit, Lib Dems’ 10,000 new members after EU vote

18th February 2016, Mark Pack blog: Lid Dem membership was 61,598 at the end of 2015


19th November 2015, Mark Pack blog: Excellent news: Lib Dem membership incentive scheme rescued

8th October 2015, Mark Pack blog: Hello I’m from Atos and I’m calling about your Lib Dem membership





27th September 2015, Mark Pack blog: Ukip’s membership has fallen 10% since the election



15th January 2015, The Guardian: Green membership surge takes party past Lib Dems and Ukip

15th April 2015, Green Party: Membership of the Green party of England and Wales passes 60,000


26th July 2016, Financial Times: Search is on to reshape centre-left ground in UK politics (pdf)