26th February 2018, Huffington Post, Momentum’s Jon Lansman emerges as possible successor to Iain McNicol as Labour General Secretary

25th February 2018, The Guardian, Anti-Corbyn rightwing press attacks ‘boost Momentum support’

24th February 2018, The Telegraph, Tories hire army of tweeters to take social media fight to Labour

21st February 2018, Labour List, Morning LabourList: Back to Back

17th February 2018, Huffington Post, Fresh Labour row erupts as Corbyn supporters shelve election of national policy forum chair

15th February 2018, Conservative Home, Exclusive: Proposed changes on associations and candidate selection are being “revised” in the face of strong opposition

13th February 2018, The Times, Row over housing scheme in Brighton exposes Labour divisions (pdf)

8th February 2018, The Guardian, Pro-EU Labour MPs urge NEC to consult members on Brexit

8th February 2018, Guido FawkesOrder-order, Tories move to impose candidates centrally and break constituency association link

6th February 2018, Labour List, Momentum activists take control of London Young Labour

2nd February 2018, New Statesman, Why Remainers are increasingly hopeful of stopping Brexit

24th January 2018, The Guardian, Momentum sustains a string of Labour selection defeats

14th January 2018, The Guardian, How and why Britain might be asked to vote once more on Brexit

9th January 2018, The Independent, Jeremy Corbyn is about to transform the Labour party – again