Other Docs

Party-related Docs:

February 2018: Press Release – David Campbell Bannerman MEP, Tory grassroots warn PM reforms could ‘destroy’ Party (pdf)

October 2017: Tory party membership fees

September 2017: GE Review Document – Conservative Party

28th December 2016, Conservative Home: Rob Semple: A progress report on the Party Review

22nd December 2016, Left Futures: Martyn Cook report from November’s National Policy Forum

Labour lessons on Acast:
Paul Mason: What should new members do now? A beginners guide to the Labour Party (27th November 2016)
Factions: is Labour a broad church? (20th September 2016)
What is the Labour Party (14th November 2016)

23rd November 2016, Mark Pack blog: Liberal Democrat federal commitee elections: what are they all about?

29th August 2016, Emilie Thornberry, MP for Islington South and Finsbury: facebook post (pdf)

1st August 2016, NewStatesman: Q&A: What is deselection, and what does it mean for Labour MPs

July 2016, WikiHow: Four ways to deselect your Labour MP

22nd July 2016, Left Futures: Peter Willsman reports from Labour’s July executive and the emergency NEC

27th March 2016, Issuu: Conservative Party Review 2016

25th November 2015, Third Avenue Communications: A beginner’s guide to the Labour Party rulebook, Part 2: reselection of MPs

Other material:

27th September 2017, Conservative Home: ‘Conservative Campaigner’ app launched

September 2017: Activate & Our Conviction (Momentum-like Young Conservative organisations)


May/June 2017: Google Trends – UK election 2017

18th May 2017: Momentum – My Nearest Marginal

20th March 2017: Momentum National Organiser on Labour party members

November 2016: Momentum campaign: Grassroots now! (a brief guide to getting active in the Labour party)

November 2016: your-party.co.uk campaign run by Momentum, CLPD, CLGA: For a modern party powered by its members


September 2016, JeremyforLabour.com: I’ve voted! & Volunteer for Team Corbyn


24th July 2016, Mark Pack blog: More united: Paddy Ashdown’s new political movement launched today

22nd July 2016, Progress: The week the mods got organized

July 2016, Labour party website: Registration for £25 supporters



July 2016, Labour First mobilization campaign:


18 July 2016, The Guardian: “I’d rather be fighting the Tories” adCorbynadGdn-1

July 2016, Saving Labour: Sign up for Labour


July 2016, Momentum: Vote Check – Jeremy for Labour


18th July 2016, NewStatesman: Anti-Corbyn campaigners are recruiting lapsed Labour members – but is it legal? (Progress – “Seven days to save Labour” pdf document  here)

July 2016, Independent: Three-quarters of newspaper stories about Jeremy Corbyn fail to accurately report his views, LSE study finds
(Jeremy Corbyn and the Press from Chris Lincé on Vimeo)

2nd June 2016, Labour List:  email to mailing list on NEC, Party Unity and Rule Change

19th May 2016, Momentum Sheffield: email on NEC elections


April 2016, Labour-people web: Labour people