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15th May 2017, The Independen: Tory voters think their party is now more right-wing thank Ukip, poll finds

9th May 2017, The Independent: This is what Labour could learn from Corbyn’s unlikely success in Liverpool (pdf)

25th April 2017, The Economist: Doorstep challenge: Britain’s election

21st April 2017, The Guardian: Labour needs a smart doorstep army – and we could all play our part

20th March 2017, Queen Mary University of London blog: Ukip failed to lure Conservative party members voters in 2015, according to new research

18th November 2016, The Campaign Company:


17th November 2016, The Telegraph – politics
Morning briefing newsletter:

16th November 2016, Labour List:
New Labour members see themselves as a “leftist vanguard”

27th September 2016, The Guardian:
Jeremy Corbyn team targets Labour members of 1 million

8th September 2016, Social Market Foundation (SMF):
Ask the expert: ‘Revolting Peasants?’ Labour’s changing membership: who they are and what they want

28th July 2016, BBC News:
Saving Labour: A rose at war with its roots?

27th July 2016, The Guardian:
Mass membership alone doesn’t make a social movement

18th July 2016, The Guardian:
Forget Trident. Labour needs to focus on issues that matters

17th July 2016, The Guardian:
Can Theresa May even sell her own conservatism to her own cabinet

17th July 2016, The Guardian:
Labour has the stench of death – meet the killers

15th July 2016, Labour List:

15th July 2016, The Telegraph – Politics:
Morning briefing newsletter

15th July 2016, BBC News:
Can Jeremy Corbyn win over Labour members a second time?

10th July 2016, The Guardian:
Who are the Conservative party members?

9th July 2016, The Sun:
Who will choose? As the Tory leadership contest hots up, we take a look at the members responsible for choosing Britain’s next leader

8th July 2016, Financial Times: Who, and where, are the Conservative’s party members? (pdf)

8th July 2016, BBC News:
Guide to the Conservative leadership race: May vs Leadsom

7th July 2016, BBC News:
Who are the Tory members picking UK’s next prime minister?

28th June 2016, The Independent:
Majority of new Labour members support deselecting MPs who undermine Jeremy Corbyn

28th June 2016, The Sun:
Smirking class: Fewer than one in six of Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters is from working class background

28th June 2016, The Guardian:
EU referendum live with Andrew Sparrow (18:08)

28th June 2016, The Times – Red Box:
New Labour membership; two thirds did not help out on the doorsteps (pdf)

28th June 2016, Labour List:
New members back deselection for MPs who rebel against Corbyn, new study shows

11th April 2016,
The Corbynistas are noisy online – but will they go out delivering leaflets?

28th March 2016, Conservative Home:
Andrew Kennedy: Political parties. The age of mass membership may be over. But that of mass participation may be just beginning

14th March 2016, Labour List:
Research into Labour membership finds Corbyn’s victory was ‘an accident waiting to happen’

18th February 2016, Financial Times:
Day of reckoning for wavering Conservative Eurosceptics (pdf)

15th February 2016, The Washington Post:
Will Britain vote to leave the EU? These six factors will make the difference

2nd February 2016, Conservative Home:
Tim Bale & Philip Cowley: What Conservative MPs really think about Britain’s EU membership

15th January 2016, The Independent:
Britain could be more left-wing than people assume, study finds

14th January 2016, EurekAlert!:
UK’s political center ground could be further to the left than thought, research suggests

12th January 2016, New Statesman:
What killed the BNP? It’s not extinct, but it might as well be

10th January 2016, Matters of Fact blog:
Odd one out: Lib Dems and a progressive alliance

8th January 2016, Labour List:
Could Corbyn’s position strengthen further? Labour supporters still more left wing than party


27th December 2015, Financial Times:
London’s youth swells Labour ranks

22nd December 2015, The Guardian:
Labour people are optimists, but this time I see no hope

23rd September 2015, The Guardian, live update (11:27) on Lib Dem Conference

9th September 2015, Liberal Democrats Newswire:
New survey data reveals more about members.

23rd July 2015, The Guardian:
Jeremy Corbyn must understand Labour’s new members to change the party’s fortunes

23rd July 2015, The Independent:
Just who are these Labour Party members who will be choosing the new leader?