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28th May 2018, Conservative Home, Rebecca Lowe: Women’s attitudes to the Conservatives – and vice-versa – are not what you may think

1st May 2018, House of Commons Library, Membership of UK Political Parties (pdf)

April 2018, A Cicero Group Overview, Inside the Labour Party (pdf)

29th April 2018, PSA News, psanews_womenatthegrassroots.jpg

15th March 2018, The TelegraphFemale membership of Conservative Party almost halved in two decades amid claims joining up is no longer a ‘social thing’ to do (pdf)

15th March 2018, Politico – London Playbook newsletter – BOYS’ CLUBS

February 2018, Society Now – ESRC Research making an impact – It’s my party. Who joins political parties and why (front page and page 14)

7th March 2018, The Guardian, Women outnumbered 3 to 1 by men in Tory grassroots, study finds

8th February 2018, Financial Time Brexit Report

5th February 2018, New Statesman, Why Labour’s Brexit strategy may be in trouble, in four charts

22nd January 2018, Independent: The Corbyn surge: Labour’s members tend to be older, middle class, and gender balanced

14th January 2018, The Guardian: How and why Britain might be asked to vote once more on Brexit

11th January 2018, The Guardian: On Europe, Labour was right to be cautious. No longer

11th January 2018, The Economist: The Tories need a broader membership if they are to survive

The Economist 2018

9th January 2018, The Guardian: Theresa May can rally her troops, but the Tory party is dying on its feet

5th January 2018, BBC: Tories must come clean on membership figures – ex-chairman

4th January 2018, Conservative Home: New evidence of the harm done by the Conservative Party’s mismanagement of its own grassroots

4th January 2018, Independent: More than half of Tory activists support death penalty, finds landmark survey of grassroots members

4th January 2018, Sky news: Most Conservatives support death penalty, poll reveals

4th January 2018, DW: Ex-British PM Tony Blair ups calls for Labour to back Brexit U-turn

4th January 2018, The Herald: Half of all Tories back the return of the death penalty

4th January 2018, Metro: More than half of Tories want to bring back the death penalty

4th January 2018, Bloomberg: Tories don’t want second Brexit vote, but many in Labour do

4th January 2018, Mirror: Tories branded ‘a breed apart’ after more than half backed the return of death penalty

4th January 2018, Mail Online: UK opposition party grassroots support second Brexit vote – survey

4th January 2018, Yahoo News: Labour party grassroots support second Brexit vote – survey

4th January 2018, Yahoo News: Tory members twice as likely to support hanging than Soft Brexit, new study finds

4th January 2018, Yahoo News: Tory members ‘a breed apart’ from other main parties, study finds

4th January 2018, Yahoo News: Vast majority of Conservative party members back clean Brexit, while nine in ten oppose second EU referendum

4th January 2018, The Business Times: Tories don’t want second Brexit vote, but everyone else does

4th January 2018, Huffington Post – Paul Waugh: Tory members twice as likely to support hanging than Soft Brexit, new study finds

4th January 2018, World News: Labour party grassroots support second Brexit vote: survey

4th January 2018, Financial Time: Labour, Lib Dem and SNP members want second Brexit vote

4th January 2018, RTE: UK Labour party grassroots support second Brexit vote – survey

4th January 2018, The National: Tory members ‘most afraid that their party is incompetent’, finds study

4th January 2018, Indian Express: UK opposition party grassroots support second Brexit vote, says survey

4th January 2018, Express: REVEALED: More than half of Conservative party members back the death penalty

4th January 2018, Guardian: Tory members ‘a breed apart’ from other main parties, study finds

4th January 2018, Guardian: The Guardian’s view on Britain’s political parties: the same but very different

4th January 2018, The Telegraph: Vast majority of Conservative Party members back clean Brexit while nine in ten oppose second EU referendum

4th January 2018, London South East: UK opposition party grassroots support second Brexit vote – survey

4th January 2018, Mail Online: UK opposition party grassroots support second Brexit vote – survey

4th January 2018, Reuters: Labour party grassroots support second Brexit vote – survey

23rd November 2017, Political Insight: All change for Labour?

9th October 2017, Full Fact: How old is the average Conservative Party member?

9th October 2017, Jon Worth Euroblog: What’s the age of members of the Tory Party? How an incorrect number lodged itself in people’s minds

4th October 2017, Huffington post: Paul Waugh zone

4th October 2017, CBC news – Canada: A prankster, a coughing fit and a restless party undermine May’s ‘last chance’ speech and give Boris a boost

3rd October 2017, The Times: Red Box: Number-crunching

1st October 2017, The Guardian: The Tories are weak and directionless: but it’s not party members’ fault

29th September 2017, BBC News: Political parties: Who joins them these days?

21st September 2017, New Statesman: How will Labour manage its Brexit divisions?

16th September 2017, The Guardian: Jeremy Corbyn is being driven by the ‘left-behind’ middle class

September 2017, LSE British Politics and Policy blog: How the Labour vote reflects a values-based realignment of the British electorate

8th September 2017, The Independent: Conservative party members overwhelmingly old and male, YouGov study reveals

8th September 2017, Huffington Post: The Waugh Zone

25th July 2017, The Guardian: Labour should exploit the Tories’ disarray on Europe, not copy it

24th July 2017, The Sun: What happens if Theresa May resigns and who is favourite to replace her if she steps down as Prime Minister?

24th July 2017, Red Box – The Times

24th July 2017, The Guardian: Labour at loggerheads over staying in customs union post-Brexit

24th July 2017, ESRC press coverage: Labour at loggerheads over staying in customs union post-Brexit

24th July 2017, QMUL blog: David Davis favourite to succeed Theresa May, finds survey of Conservative members

23rd July 2017, Twitter:

23rd July 2017, The Sun: David Davis tops Tory survey of who should replace Theresa May as 15 of her own MPs sign a letter of no confidence

23rd July 2017, Independent: Fifteen Tory MPs ‘to sign Theresa May no confidence letter’

23rd July 2017, Independent: Jacob Rees-Mogg now second favourite to replace Theresa May as next Tory leader

23rd July 2017, Sky News: Poll reveals Tory members favour David Davis if Theresa May is ousted

23rd July 2017, Independent: Tory members ‘want Theresa May to quit by Christmas’ as David Davis eyed as possible successor

23rd July 2017, Conservative Home: Next Tory leader. A YouGov poll echoes ConHome’s survey result: Davis first, Johnson second, and none of the above beating both

22nd July 2017, The Observer: Tory party seeks dream candidate to replace Theresa May


22nd July 2017,  The Observer: Tory members turn to David Davis in battle to succeed Theresa May


18th July 2017, Twitter:


18th July 2017, The Telegraph: Brexit poised to rip Labour apart with majority of party members opposed to Jeremy Corbyn’s plan

18th July 2017, The Sun: More than three quarters of Labour members are middle-class – destroying Jeremy Corbyn’s claims to represent the working classes

18th July 2017, The Staggers:  morning call

17th July 2017, The Guardian: Big majority of Labour members ‘want UK to stay in single market’

8th June 2017, Medium: The remaking of the Labour Party

15th May 2017, The Independent: Tory voters think their party is now more right-wing thank Ukip, poll finds

10th May 2017, Washington Post: Britain’s Labour Party is seeing a flood of new members. That’s why it’s in such trouble

9th May 2017, The Independent: This is what Labour could learn from Corbyn’s unlikely success in Liverpool (pdf)

25th April 2017, The Economist: Doorstep challenge: Britain’s election


21st April 2017, The Guardian: Labour needs a smart doorstep army – and we could all play our part

20th March 2017, Queen Mary University of London blog: Ukip failed to lure Conservative party members voters in 2015, according to new research

18th November 2016, The Campaign Company:


17th November 2016, The Telegraph – politics
Morning briefing newsletter:

16th November 2016, Labour List:
New Labour members see themselves as a “leftist vanguard”

27th September 2016, The Guardian:
Jeremy Corbyn team targets Labour members of 1 million

8th September 2016, Social Market Foundation (SMF):
Ask the expert: ‘Revolting Peasants?’ Labour’s changing membership: who they are and what they want

28th July 2016, BBC News:
Saving Labour: A rose at war with its roots?

27th July 2016, The Guardian:
Mass membership alone doesn’t make a social movement

18th July 2016, The Guardian:
Forget Trident. Labour needs to focus on issues that matters

17th July 2016, The Guardian:
Can Theresa May even sell her own conservatism to her own cabinet

17th July 2016, The Guardian:
Labour has the stench of death – meet the killers

15th July 2016, Labour List:

15th July 2016, The Telegraph – Politics:
Morning briefing newsletter

15th July 2016, BBC News:
Can Jeremy Corbyn win over Labour members a second time?

10th July 2016, The Guardian:
Who are the Conservative party members?

9th July 2016, The Sun:
Who will choose? As the Tory leadership contest hots up, we take a look at the members responsible for choosing Britain’s next leader







8th July 2016, Financial Times: Who, and where, are the Conservative’s party members? (pdf)







8th July 2016, BBC News:
Guide to the Conservative leadership race: May vs Leadsom

7th July 2016, BBC News:
Who are the Tory members picking UK’s next prime minister?

28th June 2016, The Independent:
Majority of new Labour members support deselecting MPs who undermine Jeremy Corbyn

28th June 2016, The Sun:
Smirking class: Fewer than one in six of Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters is from working class background

28th June 2016, The Guardian:
EU referendum live with Andrew Sparrow (18:08)

28th June 2016, The Times – Red Box:
New Labour membership; two thirds did not help out on the doorsteps (pdf)

28th June 2016, Labour List:
New members back deselection for MPs who rebel against Corbyn, new study shows

11th April 2016,
The Corbynistas are noisy online – but will they go out delivering leaflets?

28th March 2016, Conservative Home:
Andrew Kennedy: Political parties. The age of mass membership may be over. But that of mass participation may be just beginning

14th March 2016, Labour List:
Research into Labour membership finds Corbyn’s victory was ‘an accident waiting to happen’

18th February 2016, Financial Times:
Day of reckoning for wavering Conservative Eurosceptics (pdf)

15th February 2016, The Washington Post:
Will Britain vote to leave the EU? These six factors will make the difference

2nd February 2016, Conservative Home:
Tim Bale & Philip Cowley: What Conservative MPs really think about Britain’s EU membership

15th January 2016, The Independent:
Britain could be more left-wing than people assume, study finds

14th January 2016, EurekAlert!:
UK’s political center ground could be further to the left than thought, research suggests

12th January 2016, New Statesman:
What killed the BNP? It’s not extinct, but it might as well be

10th January 2016, Matters of Fact blog:
Odd one out: Lib Dems and a progressive alliance

8th January 2016, Labour List:
Could Corbyn’s position strengthen further? Labour supporters still more left wing than party


27th December 2015, Financial Times:
London’s youth swells Labour ranks

22nd December 2015, The Guardian:
Labour people are optimists, but this time I see no hope

23rd September 2015, The Guardian, live update (11:27) on Lib Dem Conference

9th September 2015, Liberal Democrats Newswire:
New survey data reveals more about members.

23rd July 2015, The Guardian:
Jeremy Corbyn must understand Labour’s new members to change the party’s fortunes

23rd July 2015, The Independent:
Just who are these Labour Party members who will be choosing the new leader?